Speed Stick - Re-Edger - 35*V


INCREASE SKATING SPEED AND GLIDE: Speed sticks or “re-edgers” are used by top pro and collegiate players to increase their top end speed and glide. Speed sticks remove microscopic burrs or nicks that remain on the outside of your skate blade edges after your skates have been sharpened and stoned. Simply glide the the Speed Stick from the toe of the skate blade to the heel 3 to 4 times and feel a noticeable difference in your top end speed and glide. DECREASE MUSCLE FATIGUE; STAY ON THE ICE LONGER: Think of ceramic speed sticks like 500 grit sandpaper. They basically make the outside of your skate blade edges super smooth so your blade glides through the ice without any friction. So, while it increases top end speed, it also reduces muscle fatigue which means you can stay on the ice longer, have more energy at the end of the game (and score more goals, maybe?). MAKE SURE IT’S A 35 DEGREE CERAMIC “V”: Smarthockey’s speed stick uses a 35 degree “V” to deburr your blade without affecting your blade hollow wall. A 35 degree angle optimizes the angle of the outer edge of your skate blade. Make the angle less than 35 degrees and the hollow wall is too thin and can get nicked too easily. Make the angle more than 35 degrees and the hollow wall is too flat and doesn’t maximize glide. Make the angle 35 degrees and it’s just right. BE THE SMARTEST GUY ON YOUR TEAM: Speed Sticks are also called “Re-Edgers”. If you look at other “re-edgers” you’ll notice that they incorrectly claim to sharpen your skates. They don’t. Skate sharpening machines “sharpen” a hollow (an upside down “U”) into the inside of your blade. A honing stone takes all the big burrs off the outside of your blade. And the Speed Stick simply removes any microscopic burrs that are left. If they don’t even know what their product does…. HONING STONE INCLUDED: So we always recommend using a real honing stone from a pro shop to remove nicks on your skate blade, but if you happen to be in jam, we have a honing stone attached to our speed stick - no extra charge.  

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