6oz Stickhandling Ball - 3 Pack NEON ORANGE


The Smarthockey ORIGINAL Stickhandling & Shooting Ball helps players develop a “feel” for the puck and super “soft” hands for better stickhandling, shooting and passing control. The patented 2-piece dynamic core technology is the only hockey training ball engineered to accurately simulate the weight, bounce, slide and contact height of an ice hockey puck so players can transition from off-ice training to on-ice play without noticing a difference. The solid core covered by a Surlyn shell eliminates any pliancy or "smushing" of the ball between the stick and the training surface. At 4.5 oz (128 g) the physics considers the “incremental weight” caused by the friction of off-ice training surfaces simulating the weight of a 6 oz puck. The combination of the shell and proprietary core matches the “dull” bounce of a puck’s vulcanized rubber. The tear resistant Surlyn shell rolls as quickly as a puck slides on a fresh sheet of ice. Finally, the diameter of the ball is 2.1875" making the height at which it contacts the stick 1.09" which is less than one tenth of an inch higher than an ice hockey puck. Warm up before games and practices or train in your garage, basement, on a tennis court, basketball court, paved street or driveway. As the name suggests, it’s the only ball players can use for stickhandling, shooting and passing drills.

#1 HOCKEY TRAINING BALL IN THE WORLD: The Smarthockey Training Ball is used by top pro, collegiate and junior players across North America, Europe and Asia as an essential part of their hockey training and pre-game warm-up workouts. The Smarthockey Training Ball was developed in 2001 and quickly gained popularity throughout the US, Canada, Sweden, Russia, UK, Germany, Japan and Australia because it mimicked the feeling of stickhandling a puck on ice so closely.   

DEVELOP SUPER "SOFT" HANDS AND UNMATCHED "FEEL" FOR THE PUCK: Have you ever played against someone so good it was as if the puck was tied to his stick? Have you ever heard the expression "his hands were as soft as pillows"? That only happens because of thousands of hours of practice. The Smarthockey hockey training ball allows you to workout or warm up anywhere so you can develop super "soft" hands and a "feel" for the puck for stick handling, shooting and passing.

SAME WEIGHT, BOUNCE, SLIDE & CONTACT HEIGHT AS AN ICE HOCKEY PUCK: When we were kids our options were street hockey balls that were too light, golf balls which bounced too much or a wiffle ball with a cut up tennis ball inside. So we took the best of each - Surlyn from golf balls for speed, a super "dead" material for bounce, a 1-inch radius for height and it feels like a 6 oz. ice hockey puck.  It's the stickhandling ball we always wanted when we were kids.

PATENTED 2-PIECE DYNAMIC CORE TECHNOLOGY: Believe it or not, there’s actually quite a bit of technology in this little ball. It all starts with the core, a patented compound that’s actually used for non-lethal bullets. It had the perfect weight and bounce characteristics when we combined it with our Surlyn cover. The cover has a story too.  It’s actually the same formula used in Titleist golf balls back in 1997. The combination of these materials won us a patent for a simple little ball.

ONLY HOCKEY TRAINING BALL DURABLE ENOUGH FOR STICK HANDLING, SHOOTING & PASSING:  We wanted players to be able to work on their stickhandling, shooting and passing, so we knew our ball had to be durable.  We made the cover with the same Surlyn formula that was used in Titleist golf balls back in 1997. We chose this formula because it’s “slap shot proof”.  Since 2001, we’ve only had a handful of balls returned and most of them were because they aren’t “dog-proof”.

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