Advanced Training Guide

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The Advanced Conditioning Guide was written for high school, junior and college players who are looking to get into peak hockey shape. Based on progression strength and conditioning training developed in the former Soviet Union and refined in Europe and Scandinavia, the Smarthockey Conditioning Guide is the most comprehensive training guide ever written, with day-by-day, drill-by-drill instructions that include photos with descriptions and videos for each exercise. In addition to the training, Smarthockey shares how to pick the correct hockey stick, skates and equipment based on a players age, size and ability.  It’s so detailed that it explains how to properly “radius” your skate blade, how to get your skates sharpened and how to choose the right curve and stick flex. Last but not least, we share our philosophy on how to choose the right hockey organization based on the appropriate practice to game ratio. This is a great guide for anyone (or any team) that is serious about training to become an elite level hockey player.  

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